Hi there! Welcome to ICanMake.Me, where you have access to learning many types of art. My name is Jeannie Isaacs, sometimes known as Molly Piper (children's author). I have worked as artist and teacher for five decades and find myself still learning new things. I’ve taught privately and in schools from one student to six hundred - elementary and high school, home school, university courses and adult education - people from the very young to very old. My art and teaching come from a strong base connecting to nature and a search for the nobility of the human spirit. I teach art from many different angles and in many different media to inspire and empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds, using music, stories, art history, science - every possible source for adding to the lessons at hand. Since my childhood I have found great meaning, a safe place to explore, redemption and upliftment through visual arts. These are what I endeavor to pass on to my students.

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The projects Jean does with all the different grades are highly inventive and inspirational for the children and their teachers. Our students excel through Jean's care, humor and great teaching, gaining self-confidence and the opportunity for joyful self-expression. . . . I took adult art classes from Jean and achieved results I never would have believed possible.  CAROL SHIMONO, TEACHER        

Jean's summer workshops and puppet shows at the Yelm Timberland Library were as popular as could be, always drawing a packed house of parents and kids eager to participate in the fun and excitement.   MIKE MCGOWAN, LIBRARIAN   mmcgowan@trl.org   360-458-3374

Over a year, our home school group (twelve kids aged six to eleven) met weekly with Jean for two hours of drawing and art projects. The children rapidly developed wonderful skills, even those who were not initially visual learners. It nourishes me to remember those experiences my children were lucky enough to have! They are all so big now! It is inspiring to see them expand on those seeds of expression in their jobs and lives.  DEBORAH GRACE, HOME SCHOOL PARENT deborahgracepoetry.com/contact/

Jeannie reminds kids to look for options and ask questions about how to make things work in their favor. They understand from her that doing art is not about entertainment but real learning, delving into things for the sake of self-empowerment - meeting challenges as well as making beautiful things .    . . . KIRSTEN OLSON, PARENT VOLUNTEER READ MORE HERE